Earth Elegance offers luxurious Wearable Art that celebrates a woman’s inherent sensual connection with the earth. Respecting the body as the temple of spirit, we see that earth consciousness and the sacred feminine are one. This original one-of-a-kind line is skillfully crafted from hand-painted silks, natural fiber knits, velvets, feathers, as well as gemstones, shells, pods, fossils, and vintage treasures of all kinds. The combination of these materials and their energy enhance the majesty of feminine radiance.

All of my designs honor the natural world where the totality of life is embraced in Oneness. Earth Elegance intends to create a sense of well-being that comes from living in an environment that recognizes our inter-connection with the earth. The whole world is alive, spirit radiating through matter. My goal is to capture that essence, so that the pieces shine from within, whether it be through the lamps and the Interior Functional Art collection or the new adornment line. And although Earth Elegance designs are rooted in nature, they are all thoroughly modern in spirit.