Necklaces: Eco-Luxe Exclusives

“Golden Glow Earth Goddess” Cascade Necklace: Gold metallic vintage leather choker lined with beige pearlized leather .Rutilated quartz crystals, yellow Asian pearls, South American pineapple pods, Swarovsky crystals, vintage chains, African miniature shells,  gold beads & spacers, brass adjustable clasp.



“Forest Diva” Cascade Necklace: Silver-tone vintage choker and chains with green Garnets, Smoky Quartz, Pyrite clusters, tropical beach pods, various shells, antique charms, Quartz crystal wand tips, select vintage beads.

“Desert Mermaid” Cascade Necklace: Metallic vintage leather choker, lined with silver-leafed snakeskin . All natural American Turquoise nuggets from the Carico Lake mine, vintage chains and choker piece. Swarovsky green , aqua and AB crystals, silver beads, and adjustable silver clasp.


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