“Forest Bodhisattva” Necklace: Vintage chain w/cascade of Smoky Quartz, green Garnets, Pyrite clusters. shells, pods, antique Quartz Crystal dorje and Buddha medallion. (Matching earrings available in Earrings section)



“Black Magic Woman” Long Lariat Necklace: Vintage silver-tone chain festooned with Pyrite clusters, Smokey Quartz stones, variety of vintage beads, Hawaiian fuzzy pods, seeds, shells, antique tribal silver beads and  bell, leaded glass beads (from 1930’s) and Quartz Crystal wand tips. ( Matching earrings available in Earrings section).



” Earth Goddess” Long Lariat Necklace: Vintage brass chain festooned with Citrine stones, Swarovsky crystals, Maine acorns, variety of vintage beads, seeds, and antique glass “lamp pull” as central element. ( Matching earrings available in Earrings section)


“Perfect Chaos”.  Silverstone vintage unique disc chain with mélange of vintage chain (incl. sterling silver) cascade. Elements include a key and a variety of vintage glass beads along with Swarovsky AB crystal beads. (Matching earrings available separately. See Earrings Page)



“Geo- Goddess” Necklace: 2-Tiered long combination vintage brass chains with Rutilated Quartz crystal stones and natural (alabaster cream and champagne colored) Geodes.


“Mother Earth”: Vintage heavy silver-plated choker necklace with Malachite oblong beads and all silver findings. 16. 5 inches.


“Asian Rope” Necklace: Assorted Asian Pearls, Smoky Quartz, Citrine nuggets, gold beads, South American ‘pineapple’ pods, Rutilated Quartz, African cowrie shells, and miniature shells. 70 in length allows for multiple choices of wearing.


“Amazonia” Vintage copper 3-tiered chain  necklace with layers of exotic irridenscent South American beetle wings.  Supports indigenous women who harvest them.


“Tallulah”: Cascade Necklace: 1930’s Leaded glass beads, vintage chain, 1960’s brass droplet elements. Comes as Long Bibb-style. (Shown pulled up short)


“Geo-Goddess” 2-tiered vintage long silvertone chain with (black) Geodes and crystal diamond shaped beads. Silver findings.


“Judy Jetson Gets Hip” Necklace incorporating vintage modernist choker with black leather laced brass chain. 24 inches.





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