Natural Jewelry

Natural jewelry is created utilizing materials rooted in nature. Inherent within these materials is life force energy. Life force is what sustains us and enhances our well being. When worn on the body, natural jewelry imparts qualities and information to the person wearing them. This is why the breastplates of priests or the crowns of kings were embedded with precious stones. Qualities such as knowledge, power and protection are absorbed into the auric field of the wearer,  increasing one’s energy.
Earth Elegance designer and master crafts person, Tracy Collins, has traveled world-wide selecting natural elements such as shells, stones, pods, crystal, driftwood, feathers, exotic beetle wings, horsehair, snakeskin, as well as re-purposed treasures of all kinds.
These materials were chosen, not only because of their beauty, but  also for the  “medicine” they contain. Humans do not “rule the world”, we are a part of it; and many suffer from the disconnection from nature. Alienation is the result of being cut off from “the real World-Wide Web”, so inter-connected we are with all of life. Our life-style has supposedly evolved…or has it?! We need simple ways of re-connecting with this vital life force on a daily basis.
Many shamans and healers tuned into the invisible energetic realm, have also benefited from wearing natural jewelry in their ceremonies and rituals. For millennia, even common folk never traveled without a talisman on them or venerated some rock or tree as guardians of their land. This awareness of the power of nature is not reserved for just those in power or those in the know. All of us have access to the benefits of these elements that are to be approached with reverence.
Ethical sourcing is of utmost importance. The process of finding these materials has been an adventure of my  life, whether it is combing a beach in Africa or happening upon someone who’s just returned from the rainforest with precious dead-and-down beetle wings collected by indigenous women. Earth Elegance honors and celebrates all of life by incorporating these materials in the natural jewelry offered to you.

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